Full-time Mom, now earning :)

Sixteen years of my life I am a very career-focused all I’m looking at, was on how to achieve my dreams, how to have a higher rank in the company. Then I fell in love I forgot everything about it, I became happy go lucky and all I dreamt about shifted to a simple life to become a good wife and a mother. It is not been easy for me to bear a child after a lot of money spent and struggles, I became a mother. I sacrificed my life, – I resigned, I became a full-time mom… I enjoyed it but I did not stop thinking about how to move up how to earn, how to help my husband financially. When my son was 3 I started my online training after 2 years of it, lots of prayers then I was hired 🙂 the rate was not high but its a good start considering my age and no online experience and not to mention the competition… but again nothing is impossible with God! I can testify to it!!!